Cecelia's Biography

While in college, I enjoyed painting in the studio as part of my major in Art History at Mary Baldwin College in Virginia. I continued my love of arts and crafts while raising my daughter in New Jersey and then in Wilmington, North Carolina, where I currently reside. I usually paint for fun with bright colors depicting landscapes, seaside scenes, and floral work. In 2011, I opened a small gallery in Southport, NC which featured this type of work.

In December 2012, this love of art became a passion! 

During meditation after yoga class, I experienced a strange vision.  A blue spiral appeared and turned into the earth and finally a pregnant woman"s belly.  Hands wrapped around lovingly caressing the belly.  The message was one of hope for the earth and humanity.

I had to paint the vision quickly so the images would not fade into my memory. 

Inspired by that experience, I now consider myself a visionary artist.  I seek to capture moments of spiritual insight and clarity onto my canvas. At times, it seems like angels are painting right along with me!

Painting with Angels